Puzzle Games
A short puzzle game where you have to use your brain (paired with your keyboard and mouse) to beat all 15 levels.
Ultimate test of reflex, speed and wit. Utilize the physics world in this challenging platformer puzzle game.
30 more creative levels await you in the much improved sequel to ButtonHunt.
Work your way through thirty creative puzzles as quickly and efficiently as possible in the conclusion to the award-winning ButtonHunt series. Your buttons are waiting.
Use your time machine to interact with past versions of yourself in this puzzle/platformer!
Click your way through each level.
An innovative sliding-tile platformer.
Strategically blow buildings up. Sounds like fun, right?
In Filler, your goal is simple: fill 2/3 of the level.
Help fish get back to water!
Your goal is to supply the sad people with cuddly pink pandas so that they become loving and happy! Launch your pandas from the PandaCannon and spread the joy!
Program the cute little robot to do everything right.
Here’s a body and where’s a head?! Put them together and don’t forget about 12 buttons for your friends!
Connect objects to get smiley to the end.
A sliding puzzle game with 40 great levels and an editor to make your own.
Is it difficult to screw the nut…? Try to roll it to the bolt and you’ll find out!
Who will become the best nut screwer-man? Let’s find out!
Use your mouse to lead the ball to the exit. Fun physics puzzle game!
Get to the next level in this puzzle game!
Combine the pieces into complete worms by connecting each head to a tail.
Are you up for the challenge?

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